about us

Quarks is the first and by far the only registered organization targeting at transgender youth in Hong Kong. As a trans-led organization, one of our most important work is to provide peer support, and recommendation of professional services if needed. Apart from our various events and social gatherings, our foremost work of text messaging and chat groups with our members has become an accessible community in our pocket. One of the greatest gifts we can offer to the younger generation is empowerment, so that they may live their dreams and realize their potential.

At the same time, we strive for eliminating stigmatization and discrimination towards transgender individuals. We believe the key to tackle this is by presenting our diverse and authentic lived experience to the general public, and promotion inclusive facilities and services in various aspects of our daily lives. As part of the local LGBT+ community, with many of us carrying an intersection of identities, Quarks maintains close partnerships with different organizations to foster diversity and inclusion in Hong Kong.